Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Risto Bimbiloski's Starry Saturday

This is going to be a fun weekend. We've had Risto Bimbiloski's pieces in the store for a couple weeks now and everyone, I mean everyone, is having an amazing reaction to them. They are incredibly breathtaking, lots of gorgeous prints and exquisite pieces knit in Macedonia. All the prints are inspired by supernovas and are taken from actual images from the Hubble telescope, and are dreamy beyond belief. Anyways, Risto's brother will be in the store on Saturday the 6th from 1-5 talking about the collection and also filming for his new project with The Moment, one of my favorite blogs. They are doing a documentary about a showroom traveling 8,000 miles and meeting up with store owners and customers to see reactions to the collection. All of this will be posted on The Times blog, The Moment, and we will be featured this Saturday. And, in addition to that we will be starting to shoot our Ladies of Castor & Pollux series that day as well, so there will be quite a lot going on this weekend. Come by, say hi, and see what all the excitement is about. Hope to see you all! Till then, big kiss.


  1. Hey Kerrilynn! I have a new blog about shopping and my styling inspirations and have given you a little shout out. Check me out! Also really enjoy reading your blog.


  2. have seen these supernova prints and can say i too was enamored. seeing these photos with them on models has re-kindled my desire. especially that second one. i need

  3. These are so painfully gorgeous, I think I can not let myself see them in person.

  4. I wish we were in New York so that we could go to your shop! Great blog. You might like ours too.