Friday, May 1, 2009

If my whole life could be like this...

Spring cleaning is happening around Castor & Pollux and what better way to start off than with a perfectly organized, chic wallet. These really are the best; I always say that I wish everything in my life were as organized as this wallet and my refrigerator (my therapy for hard days is categorizing my fridge into ethnic zones), we all have our own ways of winding down. This will fit everything from credit cards, fountain pens, pictures of god-sons, checkbooks, and with a bit of use and time an iPhone. Just be patient with the stretching out of it, you want to work it in like a good saddle. Don't overdo it right away, patience is key here. They come in a lovely array of colors: red, orange, teal, yellow (as shown), purple, navy, black, grey, toast and rust.
Photos by John von Pamer

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