Monday, July 20, 2009


"The wallet makes me feel like a lady." -Louise

"I took mine on vacation with me and it was great, it fit a passport and everything I needed. I love it!" -Heidi

"I love my wallet for its timelessness and effortless organization. Even when I'm totally disorganized, my wallet holds its own." -Alexis

"I'm on my second wallet from Castor & Pollux. I bought them both at the Brooklyn store (does that mean its time again for a new one?!) I love my wallet first because its such a chic little package, so streamline and collected. You'd never know the mountain of receipts and business cards, notes, plastic, pocket change and cash it conceals and organizes so brilliantly. And i love seeing other women around town with them. the conversation always leads back to Castor & Pollux and of course to love of the wallet!" -Cindy


This is our first summer wallet giveaway! Since we have so many friends and customers that have benefited from the wonders of the wallet we decided to open it up to a larger audience. Simply explain why you want a C&P wallet and tell us how it will enhance your life in the comment section of the blog (or come by the store) and we will pick the most creative, interesting answer. That person will win a wallet! (I've even been known to barter wallets for Stumptown coffee so anything is possible here; just get creative and have fun with it.) Above are a few examples of the wallet working it's magic so you can see for yourself why people love them so much. I really wish all areas of my life were as organized as the wallet. Something to hope for, right? All submissions need to be received by end of day Sunday, August 30th Saturday August 15th. We will announce the lucky winner on Tuesday September 1st that day so come up with some fun answers! Have fun!


  1. Kerrilynn,

    I love the pictures of the inside of the wallets! Can this become a regular blog feature? It would be fun to check out what people pack into their C&P "lady" wallets.


  2. I too, am on my second C&P wallet and I am convinced that my purchase of this wallet was my turning point into becoming a 'real lady'. Or, as my husband says, the beginnings of coming into my own personal style. Thanks KL. f

  3. I absolutely have to write about how "The Wallet changed my life." It all started back in the November of 2002 when I took a friend of mine who happens to be a milliner, to C&P to meet Kerrilyn and see if my friend's hats were right for the shop. While speaking to Kerrilyn the sales case was between us, and there it was, the wallet. I had never seen anything as perfect as this. I handled it, contemplated the price, and then announced to myself, "this is going to change my life" mostly to validate the splurge. But honestly deep down I believed it. While having drinks across the street from the C&P Brooklyn shop, I divulged my plan to my friend, and alas, it's 2009 and I can honestly say that shortly after the wallet I got married (in Nov 02 I didn't even have a significant other). Then I found the job of my dreams, moved out of my studio apt in PSlpe after having lived in it for 10 years, and I am now a happy mom of 2 year old twins. That first wallet (a ballet slipper pink color) was stolen at Dean and Deluca at Prince St. I replaced it promptly with a new Abas from C&P, at their new West Village spot. I still dream about my first, and that ballet pink color, but now I am on my third, and I will never go back.
    This has been so much fun - I no longer live in NY - or Brooklyn to be exact, I now live 6 hours away on a farm, but the wallet brings me back to a turning point that I will never forget!!!

  4. After being laid off from an editorial gig in June, I've decided to start my own green business, bringing a sustainable template for urban agriculture to my neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn! I'm a firm believer in manifesting our dreams and need of a wallet that can help channel all the skills needed for new business owners: organization, style, grace, and timelessness! My business plan will be done in 2 months and I hope that C&P can help me start my journey on the right foot!

  5. I live in a tower of paper. As a high school teacher, I have notes and grades and thoughts scribbled on bits and pieces of this and that. Having traveled and lived a collection of places, I am sentimental, missing the places that are no longer part of my days and the people who now inhabit my mornings by the notes they left behind rather than the hours over coffee that used to be spent. Pictures for inspiration, movie ticket stubs, little bits of the New York Times leftover from reading to remind me to look at that or do this or... All of this makes for a messy bag and a sort of disheveled lifestyle. These beautiful wallets have always seemed to serve two purposes- one being able to tame the paper and create an organization of remembrance for someone like me, the other creating old world glamour of Lauren Bacall or Carmel Snow, women who looked so elegant and self-assured. I like the idea of of having a brown little number that would age with me and tell the stories in the same way my little pieces of paper do. It would be an article of substance and style that would stop and beg questioning. I would paint my lips red and answer the questions like a humble woman of mystery. Maybe I would display the photographs and receipts to the people who asked but maybe not, holding it like a clutch full of secrets. Or so I would like to think just like this is something to hope for...

  6. The wallet of my dreams.
    A place to hide little secrets. And ideas.
    A journal of life...really. I mean this wallet is not simply a place to store one's everyday necessities. It is a portable [and beautiful] place to collect life's quirky bits.
    Ticket stubs, old photos (when photos were actually photos), doodles and scraps.
    Lovely is all I have to say!

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