Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now offering technical advice!

It's not a party until someone breaks something, right?
If so, the Lucky Magazine party was a doozy then. Someone spilled a glass of wine on our laptop. It's the second laptop we've lost... the first time it was champagne. We're tired of alcoholic computers and on the third strike you're out so we went with a desktop iMac.

The crazy thing is when you take your laptop to the Apple Store and to Tekserve they tell you that is needs data recovery and that it starts at $300. Tekserve thought it might cost $1,000... BUT YOU DON'T NEED THAT! No you don't!

What you do need is a screwdriver!

Take out the battery, unscrew the silver l-shaped plate, pull the white tab... voila. This is your hard drive and it hardly ever is ruined by a spill. Take this to Tekserve with an external drive. $69 worth of data transfer later and you have all your old files.

We just saved you $931. Come on down and check out all the goodies you can get with your savings!
See you soon!


  1. what's up with the alchoholic computers?????? Thanks for the screwdriver tip, I will be doing that shortly.

  2. awesome tip. i don't have a mac... can i still come in and spend $931? ;)

  3. Hi John,
    I looked up your estimate at Tekserve because your absolutely right about not needing data recovery because your computer was spilled on. It turns out you actually weren't quoted for data recovery. Your choices were to do a spill cleaning at Tekserve for $250 + parts or send the computer to Apple for a flat fee of $865 (labor and parts). You didn't need data recovery at all and I'm sorry for any miscommunication that made you think you were being quoted for it.
    Jazmin Hupp
    Tekserve Staff

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