Friday, September 4, 2009

Props from The Wall Street Journal!

First, Reader's Digest and now the front page of The Wall Street Journal!

The Wall Street Journal reports on the growing length of receipts and includes a quote from Kerrilynn... Her father was very proud!

"Apple Inc. stores have been asking customers since 2005 if they would prefer an emailed receipt, and Castor & Pollux Inc., a clothing boutique in Manhattan, followed in 2008. Store owner Kerrilynn Pamer said it saves about $100 a year on paper costs, "and I sincerely believe that it makes peoples' lives easier without all the paper clutter."

Brat, Ilan and Zimmerman, Ann. "Tale of the Tape: Retailers Take Receipts to Great Lengths." The Wall Street Journal 1 Sept 2009: A1. Retrieved Sept 4, 2009, from

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